Client Success: Seamless Management Solutions


Monica Sarmiento-Martinez & Janet Moody

Virginia APEX Accelerator client since April, 2021

Seamless Management Solutions is a minority-women owned company that specializes in global project management, process improvement, business support services as well as providing Spanish/English technical language translation. The owners bring over 40 years of experience from previous careers, managing multi-million-dollar projects. Their careers were in various industries in the USA and globally.

Counseling sessions with Virginia APEX Accelerator Procurement Counselor, Lisa Powell, consisted of, but were not limited to, getting the firm registered in SAM, completing SBA’s WOSB application, and guided searches in SAM and eVA to find opportunities. During the sessions when searching in SAM and eVA, the PTAC counselor made a suggestion that the firm look for an opportunity falling within their scope of work, but which seemed too large for them. She suggested they add their information in the Interested Vendor’s List in SAM and in the B2B section in eVA. The purpose of this being that the awardee may have sub-contracting opportunities or is in search of a company to team with, and may reach out to them.

Part of a firm’s registration in the State of Virginia’s Procurement System (eVA) is the ability to receive notifications in their email. An opportunity for a Spanish Language Pesticide Applicators Examination/Translation Examination Development Services for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services showed in Seamless Management Solutions’ email (URFPNo 301-22-014). When the firm reviewed the scope of work, they realized it included services they could not provide (development of the training/testing curriculum) but they could provide the translation services. Seamless Management Solutions followed their PTAC counselor’s advice and entered their information into the B2B section of this opportunity, stating they would be willing to partner with another firm. They were contacted by Kim Taylor-Wilson, owner of Corrin & King Business Strategies, LLC (also a Virginia APEX Accelerator client). The two firms worked on the proposal together and submitted a response, ultimately winning the award. This is the first subcontract award for Seamless Management Solutions.

Seamless Management Solutions is also now SWaM and WOSB certified.

“I greatly appreciate the assistance from PTAC, especially from Lisa Powell, who has helped us getting into the government space; winning our first contract as a sub is a major milestone for us.”

– Monica Sarmiento-Martinez

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