How do I obtain a copy of the presentation for the class or webinar I attended?


Generally when instructors make slides available in PDF for the attendees, they will be posted on the Virginia APEX Accelerator eCenter underneath the class description on the page you where you initially registered to attend the class (you must be logged in to view). If you have been advised that slides will be made available, please allow a few business days for the attachment to be posted. If you cannot see the attachment, please contact to verify that you have permission to access the document. Documents will be removed after 1 year. See screenshot below for an example:


eCenter document attachment example
Documents are at the bottom of the event description under the instructions


NOTE: A series class session will not display as a separate listing from the overall event in the “My Events” menu of the eCenter. If you do not have a recent reminder email with a direct link to the event page saved, please locate the class description by navigating to the start of the series to locate handouts for all session dates. If you do not remember the start date, please use the search function on the calendar to backdate a few weeks or months and search for the class page by title keywords such as “series” or “pipeline” depending on the individual class:


eCenter document attachment example
Choose “Year” to see the class list by full title.



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