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Virginia APEX Accelerator score[s] an A+ when it comes to leadership, training services, troubleshooting, and lending that helping hand when federal government registrations are set for renewal. I am a pleased federally certified woman-owned small business and am grateful for this wonderful organization that I can rely on anytime.

Deborah Osborne, Owner, Athena Agreements, L.L.C. (July 2024)
This is fantastic feedback… We'll adopt your comments to create a cap statement specific to contracting opportunities.

Michael Pleasant, Chief Executive Officer, Open Security (July 2024)
With the breadth and scope of the content and material that APEX Accelerator is making available, if an entity is not successful in scaling its federal contracting capabilities, it's its own fault.

Antoine Smith, Chief Compliance Officer, ZLC Solutions LLC (June 2024)
I was honestly surprised by the level of depth in the presentations and Q&As. Well done, definitely went beyond my expectations.

Vikrant Gautam, COO, Animo Government Consulting, Inc. (June 2024)
I received mentoring and many valuable takeaways from each contact I've had at [Virginia APEX Accelerator]. Linda Owen has been a wealth of knowledge and a rare mix of patience, as she has walked me through contracting processes and resources. Mrs. Owen has a kind way of mentoring and demonstrating how to do sustainable quality customer service. I am very grateful and since our first meeting my business has grown 2 contracts. I look forward to more growth  with Linda and [Virginia APEX Accelerator]. Thank you once again!

Camille Boyd, Principal Owner, Able Workspace (May 2024)
APEX support is amazing and I can’t describe the support, encouragement that I derive, along with the professional expertise

Asha Singh, Founder and CEO, SBS-Corp (May 2024)
We want to especially point out the exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and helpfulness of our PTAC advisor, Ms. Linda Owen. We are now making serious progress and Linda was very much a catalyst for this progress, and an enjoyable catalyst to work with.

Emil S. Reynolds, Founder, Managing Member & Frank Hunt Jr., Business Advisor, Combat Bound LLC (December 2021)
The [COVID-19 Protocol Compliance Guidance For Federal Contractors by Maria Panichelli] webinar was outstanding. A huge amount of very critical information that is so relevant for our small business and likely small businesses throughout our Nation. This webinar was so timely … We now have current and definitive information for discussion with our clients and we are able to conduct risk identification and management activities with our government clients. Thank you again, excellent webinar, very useful and a wise investment of time.

Michael D Thornton, Sr, Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC (November 2021)
I can't say enough good things about the assistance and other resources available through PTAC. Thank you!

Keith Economy, Innovate! Inc. (November 2021)
Just wanted to say that Thursday’s [USAID Prime] matchmaking was the most productive small business event I ever attended, and I’ve been going to small business conferences to represent large businesses for more than a decade. To me, the most useful element was that we were able to review SB profiles and select the businesses that looked like they had the closest fit to our work. On Thursday, I spoke to at least eight partners I was optimistic about! Thanks again for putting this together.

Duncan Basson, Associate Director, Partnering, DAI (June 2021)
I am grateful for my PTAC counselor Michele McCoy for her assistance and sharing her vast knowledge of government contracting so generously. She guided us successfully through unfamiliar processes and attaining our first federal contract. Michele has been a help each time I called, but on several occasions her willingness to go above and beyond has made the difference in our contracting efforts success. She was instrumental with resolving complications we had with an SBA 8(a) renewal. The contracting officer incorrectly entered the contract in SAM.gov and it became quite an entanglement. There was a short window of just a few days to resolve the issues. With Michele’s guidance, we were able to have the contract renewed successfully. She helps to educate and has enabled us to engage more broadly in federal contracting. Thank you, Michele McCoy.

Dorothy Askew, Always Timely Assistance, The Askew Group, LLC (June 2021)
We were a first-time sponsor and weren’t sure what to expect. Not only did the [DCSA Matchmaker] event deliver a significant quantity of opportunities, but we found that the quality of these meetings far exceeded our expectations

Nick Fishman, Executive Director, Advon Government Solutions (a subsidiary of SJV Data Solutions) (June 2021)
You do a wonderful job. A large part of having confidence with an organization is the responsiveness to you, but really listening. You do both!

Lydia D. Plummer-Alleyne, MSILR, Principal, The Lydia Mode, LLC (March 2021)
You guys put a lot of efforts and coordination into [the November 2020 USAID Matchmaker]. Everything about it is easy to set up and very professional. More importantly is to have PTAC advocacy. You guys are incredible.

Kim Anderson, President, inQ LLC (November 2020)
I just listened to your presentation for the National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit, and I found all the info you shared really helpful. I've been in the industry for several years now, so it is always a huge plus to gain new intel on the federal market. Well done & thanks for sharing!

Valerie Gibbons, Business Development Coordinator / Small Business Liaison Officer , Contrack Watts, Inc. (July 2020)
…the day long [virtual] Program that you choreographed today was terrific. I particularly liked the matchmaking methodology. I spoke with small business reps calling in from as far away as Korea and Alaska.

Paula Feeney, Senior Advisor, Business Development, Cardno International Development (June 2020)
I have been preparing Federal proposals for 15+ years and have enjoyed significant success in this arena. Truly appreciated finally hearing from someone who presented the information in a clear and meaningful way. Having attended many such sessions over the years, [Federal Contracting 401: Proposal Writing with Lisa Wood] was by far the best.

Geoff Bambini, Vice President, Terra Site Constructors, LLC (June 2020)
This [Federal Solicitations and Proposal Management] series was awesome!! The approach and timing between courses was well conceived and executed. It made it practical for me to digest then implement the info without being overwhelmed.

Anthonol Neely, CEO, Fidelis Integrated Solutions, Inc. (June 2020)
I think PTAC has been a literal gift to our company. I've learned more from PTAC than anywhere else about government contracting.

Mariah Ray, Managing Member, VIP Scooters (May 2020)
[Get inside the Government Reviewer’s Mind] is an awesome class. I plan to submit some sole source applications and this is very useful

Ravi Gupta, CEO, Tambourine Innovation Ventures (February 2020)
We would like to send a special thank you to our PTAC counselor Mrs. Michele McCoy for assistance us with contract reviewing and insight for up and coming projects within the state of Virginia along with vital training classes available for our business firm. Our business would not have grown without this wonderful program with the University of George Mason. Thank you, Mr. Grove

Earl Johnson, Owner, Oak Grove Remodeling and Repair, SWAM and EPA certified (December 2019)
My compliments on the PTAC Cybersecurity event held last week. Great information for a VERY complicated subject.

Bill Doyle, CEO, SYTERA, LLC (May 2019)
In November 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the “Personnel Security Clearance Adjudication Process for Government Contractor Employees” class held by Mr. Daniel Herdman. Over the past several months the content he provided has proven to be timely, on-point, and current. I wanted to take a moment and commend Mr. Herdman for not only providing solid information, but for his professionalism and kindness in handling follow-up questions in a prompt and concise manner. I have and will continue to recommend his class and services now and in the future.

Jacqueline Yang, Ph.D., CEO, Zentech (March 2019)
We are implementing lessons learned on these webinars and getting immediate results! You and your team are making a far greater impact than you may realize, Thank you so much for the continued support.

Omar Elabed, Chief Operating Officer, Focus Consulting Firm (February 2019)
Tina’s “pacing” was very good unlike some presenters who tend to get off topic and then rush through several slides towards the end. Her experience was also evident (as has been the experience of presenters at each of the three PTAC seminars I have attended). … Overall, [Developing a Proposal Outline] was an in-depth and valuable educational experience; please let Tina know that her time and experience is very much appreciated.

Scott Hall, Director Federal Services, Synergy Systems Group, Inc. (February 2019)
I just wanted to say that your class today on solicitations was a Home Run for me. Your facilitation and Tina's presentation was exactly what I needed as I get started in this world. I've joined your mailing list and I plan to use PTAC much more in the future.

Colonel Thad Hunkins, USAF, Ret. (January 2019)
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all of your help. I’ve been in business since 1991. I remember when SAM used to be CCR. I had set myself up in the system all by myself, with no help from anyone. For years I had no problems or issues. THIS year, however, was when I discovered I had major issues going on within SAM because of incorrect data I had entered. This all came to light due to the fact I had lost a $5k order that was with the government. The DLA person contacted me and said, I cannot award you this because you are big business. I said no, I am not! Well, sure enough, I was showing up within the system as being woman owned, but large business. That is when I started making phone calls and trying to get anyone to help me figure this out. I felt like I was going down a rabbit hole, because at each turn, I had to do something else. I finally was able to get in contact with V-PTAC and was issued a counselor. I remember the first time Michele came out to visit. We thought it would be an easy fix, but it turned out to be a BIG mess! We could not get in to fix or change the things that needed to be fixed. Requirements had changed within the system. Michele helped me figure out what changes needed to be made, helped me with my self-certification with the SBA and to follow the instructions for the new information that was requested. We FINALLY get to the end and still could not get resolve. Thanks to Tom, for helping us figure out a few things and he went above and beyond to help get this show on the road! Michele was able to come back last Friday and everything went fine! Everything has been corrected and submitted and I am waiting on the SAM update for my status. In all my dealings with the government and all the hoops one must jump through, between Michele and Tom’s combined efforts, I take my hat off to them! I’ve never had anyone help me like they have! I truly appreciate it! Michele, I appreciate your input, your insight and your patience with me! If I had to give you a star rating it would be 10 stars!!!

Ginny Goodbread, CEO, Industrial Drives, Inc. (July 2018)
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great and easy to become PTAC client. Our SAM account is activated and HUBZone application is in process. In addition, our new PO is in process as well. Thanks

Farid Nooristani, Exor Solutions Inc (June 2018)
Anna, Finally we are showing as ‘Active’ on SAM. We were in a bind with our SAM Registration renewal and we have been trying all different avenues to resolve this problem for last two weeks, however nothing seemed to be working. On a cue from our SBA office, we contacted PTAC and the responsiveness and effort from your end to get this resolved within a day’s time is really appreciable. We acknowledge your help in getting this resolved so quickly. And truly feel like we are a team! Thank you MK

Mrinal Kholsa, Sales Director, FedPoint Systems (June 2018)
Your organization continues to blow us away with your support and responsiveness.

Omar Elabed, Chief Operating Officer, Focus Consulting Firm (June 2018)
Allison and I met with Michele McCoy beginning in January 2018 concerning beginning our voyage into the Government Contracting World as an SDVOSB. With your guidance, 1 Acquisitions LLC has won almost 130k in awards in just a little over 3 months! We are currently pursuing a bid that the total value is 260k. We have called on you at all times, and you have always been there for us with advice and reassurance. When we first started, we were afraid to bid on anything but with a gentle push from you we were on our way and won the first bid we submitted. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help. We could not have done it without you.

Jody Sexton, President, 1 Acquisitions LLC (May 2018)
Great news! We just received word yesterday that our product has been authorized to be used as an EPA-approved product. Wow! We appreciate you sending out positive vibes to help move this along and working on contact information to help us out in the next phase if they didn’t get it approved. Now a whole new chapter we hope in our business. Have a wonderful rest of your week Thomas…

Monica S., Operations Manager, Green Earth Naturally (April 2018)
I want to say how happy I am with my PTAC representative, Linda Owen. She has been a mentor and a constant support to me. I have been very successful in the 8(a) and woman-owned small business programs because of her guidance. Recently I met with Linda concerning the HubZone program. She engaged and educated me about the HubZone program and due to her guidance we have decided to go after our HubZone Certification. Linda Owen is a true asset to the PTAC program and we wish that everyone PTAC had a representative like her.

Vibha Vermani, CEO, Chitra Productions (February 2018)
I've been managing proposals and creating/administrating SharePoint libraries for over 10 years, but I learned more efficient and effective ways to manage my proposal library. The information was presented professionally and timely. The instructor was engaging and stopped after each major section to take questions. By far the best webinar I've attended in a while.

Dana Grizzle, Command Post Technologies, Inc. (December 2017)
A short note to say thanks. I received my VA SDVOSB certificate. The CVE person did a thorough job in ensuring my package was ready to pass on the first application. He was easy to work with. I sincerely appreciate your help throughout the process. You made a tremendous difference as we worked through the various details of the application. I'm glad you were there with your insight and advice. Again, thank you!

Jerry Blixt, President & CEO, The Blixt Group, LLC (September 2017)
I love these webinars.  Even when I think I am fairly well versed on a subject I learn so much more from the programs.  I look forward to all of them.

Anne Cocklin, Vice President, Cocklins Film & Video Inc (February 2017)
Wonderful webinar. It was my first webinar from PTAC, and I thought it was quick, well organized, presentation was clear, and the GoToMeeting was delivered flawlessly.

Rehan Mahmood, Sysnet Managed Services Inc. (February 2017)
It was one of the best sessions on Government contracting that we have ever had. The session was well structured and progressively built on pieces of fundamental information to more complex ideas. You did a great job asking questions about our existing understanding and then followed up to fill gaps. I wish we had this session a year ago.

Tahir Qazi, iQuasar LLC (February 2017)
Thank you for introducing me to the Bid Match Service and getting me setup so quickly. I have already received two days of excellent information, perfectly targeted on my business interests. And the price is a great value, too.

Paul Spaven, CEO, Praxis, LLC (January 2017)
[Bid Match Service] offers a great value and service to small-business start-ups. It has helped us find several opportunities. We really like it!

King Gillespie, The Endeavour Group, LLC (July 2016)
Your [Basic Training] presentation was both enjoyable and very informative. As a new entrant into the federal marketplace, I learned a lot of the dos and don'ts in business development in the federal contracting arena. Your insights were very much appreciated… You've given me a lot of information to digest!

Roza Makonnen, Principal, RTZ Consulting (February 2016)
I sincerely appreciate your help and the help of the PTAC staff to get Cobalt Solutions established and to achieve this milestone of receiving our first award.

Mike Rampino, Cobalt Solutions (December 2015)
I called the local PTAC office and was connected to Mr. Joe Moore at the PTAC office in Williamsburg. Mr. Moore has been a great source and has a wealth of knowledge. I am now registered with SAM and sourcing opportunities. This would not have been possible without your help. A big THANK YOU to you.

Pat Browne, Sovereign Staffing Solutions (August 2015)
PTAC services have been invaluable to me as a small woman-owned business owner; specifically, the one-on-one sessions with PTAC counselors. I have always walked away from these sessions with more knowledge than expected. I cannot say enough about the PTAC counselor’s dependability -- always getting back with me in a timely manner with the information requested and most often with additional / valuable information.

Linda Blakemore, Gemini 3 Group (July 2015)
Having served in a bureaucracy for many years, I value the intelligence, creativity, teamwork and initiative that you and your colleagues display. My thanks to you all!

Kenneth Chern (July 2015)
Thanks for your time and counsel yesterday. The information you provided far exceeded my expectations… I also plan on taking advantage of other PTAC offerings - full registration and classes.

GA, Mammoth Specialties (July 2015)
I'm so grateful to You & Richard for your patience, assistance & the knowledge you shared with me.

Michael Canty, CEO, GLECOB Solutions (June 2015)